Guest blog: Principia Schools Conferences

After much anticipation, the Principia Schools Conferences took place on 2 and 5 November 2016.


This was the culmination of many months of preparation by our Education Team, the Education Partners we worked with, teachers and pupils across the country and by the Universities of York and Portsmouth (who were integral in hosting the events)! Finally, the time had arrived to showcase the fantastic work from children across the UK in recognition of Tim Peake’s Principia mission.

We saw presentations, posters, 3D models, songs and dances, all in some way connected to the Principia mission. Experts from the space industry as well as teaching and education professionals chairing and watching sessions were astounded at the high quality of presentations. The work, confidence and enthusiasm shown by the children were inspiring.

The poster galleries were just as impressive with photos, drawings, banners, and 3D models of planets, spaceships and a few extra Tim’s!

The highlight of everyone’s day was the moment they met the real Tim Peake. Even with his extremely busy post-mission schedule, Tim made it a priority to come to both Schools Conference venues. Despite there being over 400 children present on each day, he visited each group and met every child – mission accomplished!

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