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Chris Tall

I am a space enthusiast lucky enough to work for the UK Space Agency.

By day I manage the UK’s involvement and interaction with the European Space Agency Business Applications Programme, which includes working closely with UK industry, both big and small and with ESA to support the development of innovative new applications of space data and services to deliver economic growth, and environmental and societal benefits to the UK. I also work with colleagues across the UK Space Agency and Innovate UK who manage the Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Satellite Communications programmes to ensure my work in Business Applications is aligned with their objectives and policies.

By night I am studying for a distance learning Astronomy Degree with the University of Central Lancashire which includes everything from basic astronomy (telescopes, observing techniques and recording data) all the way up to general relativity and astrophysics.

I write my blog to help me understand and absorb the information I learn, and to hopefully pass some of this knowledge on and inspire other people to look up at the stars.